Consulting and Design

Solution Strategy: Assist the client to define needs and identify solution options, including off-the-shelf, SaaS and custom-built applications.

Requirements Discovery: Work with the client to define the functions and features to be included in the application or solution.

Functional/Technical Specifications: Generate documents that define in detail the function and features of an application or solution.

Data Modeling: Define and document logical and physical structures for a database to support an application or solution.

Web Application Development

Client: Browser-based user interface development progressing from a functional specification through prototypes to a finished product refined through user testing and approval.

Database: Create an efficient, scalable repository with well-documented business logic.

Reporting/BI: Get the output you want in the format you need. Facilitate analysis, visualization and cross-system reporting.

Data Services

Data Exchange: Enable data exchange between systems. Transform data based on standard or custom formats (e.g. HL7, HUD HMIS).

Data Migration: Transfer data from one system to another while changing the storage format, database or front-end application.

Data Integration: Combine data from several disparate sources so that it can be edited, analyzed or visualized in reports.

Data Analytics: Get value from your data with transformations, automated processing, statistical analysis and visualization.

Goegraphic Information Systems (GIS): Add, analyze or visualize a spatial component of your data, including mapping and network anaylsis.